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Choose a course from one of the categories below. Courses are being added regularly so make sure to check back often. If you have an idea for a course, please click on the Author Information link on the home page.

Printer friendly versions of the course require the Adobe Acrobat reader which can be downloaded for free.


Candidate Education

These courses will expand on the work in the standard manuals. Discussion questions are included at the end of each course. After reading, click over to the Discussion Forum and ask your questions or give your opinions.

Contemporary Issues in Freemasonry

Masonry faces many challenges in this new Century. These courses will discuss the issues surrounding Modern Masonry

Masonic History

Masonry has a long and fascinating history. Learn about Masonrys' roots and the many forms it has taken over its long history.

Nebraska Masonic History

These courses will take you through over 150 years of Freemasonry in Nebraska.

Masonic Symbolism

Masonic work is overflowing with symbols. Learn about their various meanings, uses and history.

Masonic Philosophy  

The Masonic work "borrows" from many different philosophic schools. Learn more about the philosophy behind the degree work and how it applies to Masonry.

Applied Masonry

Masonry shouldn't just happen on Lodge night, it should be lived every day. Learn about how to apply the lessons of Masonry to everyday life.

The Lodge

Running a Lodge now days takes a wide skill set. These courses will help you run a Lodge regardless of if it's your first time as Master or your tenth!

Masonic Degree Work  

Degree work forms the heart of our Craft. But do you know where it came from, how it was developed and how best to learn it? These Courses will help learn all you need to know.

Masonic Miscellanea
These items are all the interesting bits and pieces that didn't seem to fit the other categories. You will find a wealth of information, fun things for Lodge and a few very off the beaten track items to keep your study of Freemasonry fresh!
Masonic Podcasts
A collection of podcasts covering a wide variety of Masonic subjects. These podcasts can be downloaded and used for Lodge education presentations. These files are all MP3 and should be compatible with any MP3 software or player.
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