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Welcome to the Nebraska Masonic Education Portal

This site is sponsored by the Grand Lodge of Nebraska for the purpose of spreading Masonic Education and discourse throughout the jurisdiction.

The site is paid for by
Saints John Lodge #331 in support of the educational goals of the Grand Lodge of Nebraska.


If you are a Mason searching for further light in Masonry, click on the course catalog link. There you will find various course in Masonry covering a wide variety of topics. You can choose the topics you are interested in on an ale carte basis or follow a prescribed course of study to earn various certifications in Masonic knowledge!

Once you start learning more about Masonry, it is likely you'd like to share you thought or ask questions of other. A discussion forum is provided for you to do just that. It is divided into various topics. Feel free to browse the forums and engage your fellow Masons in discussion.

The resources tab is a helpful collection of books, internet links and other material that can aid you in your study of Masonry.

We are always looking for new content and ways to improve the site. If you would like to write a course for the site, have a question or comment, use the Contact Admin tab and send us your ideas.


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